Guest Experience

We map out the guest journey from booking to check-out, considering how this could be slightly tweaked
or entirely curated to meet and exceed guest expectations, from the quality and consistency of service to bathroom amenities and ambience.



Marketing Strategy

Tailored advice on content marketing, influencer strategy, PR, creative campaigns and digital marketing based on competitors’ activity and audience behaviours. Where can your audience be reached online, and how can you target new markets?



Creative Direction

An audit of branding and visual identity, brand storytelling and concept development. Is your branding compelling and cohesive with the brand purpose?  We work closely with a number of talented brand, design and web development collaborators should you wish to refresh or rebrand with a trusted partner.



Market Research

Who is your typical guest? Who is your perfect guest? Where do they eat, drink and shop? What are their travel habits? Who are you competing with locally? Nationally? We ask these questions and more to establish clear service / creative / operational targets.



Reception Procedures

We spend time with your team, and audit your standard reception and rooming procedures. A follow-up report details our recommendations to ensure your operations are efficient and effective, which will also include a 'what if' troubleshooting guide for staff and new recruits.



Mystery Guest

Mystery guest overnight stay with detailed follow-up report on findings, an ongoing audit of improvements and where service might be falling short comparitive to previous visits, and a checklist of suggested changes. Recommended quarterly.



Complaints Handling

We offer a one day group workshop with your key team on how to deal with myriad customer complaints, including practical 'what-if' troubleshooting exercises, and communication techniques that will turn an unfortuate mishap into a productive situation, ensuring guest will continue to return time and time again.


Housekeeping Procedure

We spend time with your team, and audit your standard housekeeping procedures. A follow-up report details our recommendations to ensure each guest enjoys the same standard of room preparations, and that it is consistant and efficient.



Health & Safety Audit

We audit your current health and safety policies, and make clear and actionable recommendations based on industry best practice. 



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