We are a creative consultancy practice that partners with
ambitious hoteliers to help make strategic and creative leaps.
We help to turn great ideas into unique experiences.

Hotel Palette works with ambitious hoteliers to transform good hotels into great ones. We can help launch a new hotel business or to rebrand and reposition an existing property. Our packages include guest experience planning, marketing strategy and mystery guest services.

Hannah Boulton

As a travel journalist specialising in hospitality design, hotel reviews and industry commentary, I’ve gathered stories, know-how and inspiration from hoteliers all over the world. The traveller part of our website is dedicated to the travel stories and design highlights I’ve collected along the way.

On the consultancy side, our quarterly Thoughts paper covers industry trends, consumer behaviour and insight from hoteliers who do things a little differently. The paper is a free resource designed to inform and inspire clients who wish to continually question, improve and evolve their brand.

– Hannah Boulton, Founder and Consultant

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