2023 Hotel Trends

My predictions for hotel trends next year include flat-pack hotel experiences and buying the bedsheets. If you need help applying these ideas to your own brand, get in touch for a free chat.


Personalisation is going to step up next year. Key cards, pillowcases, slippers and tote bags stamped with guest initials will be the physical manifestation, while stylists offering a designer wardrobe rental, specialists creating bespoke in-room skincare products and mini-bars tailored to the preferences of each guest will be the service and concierge upgrades for 2023.


A step beyond ‘locally-sourced’ menu patter is organically cultivated, home grown produce. There’s a sense of nurture, patience and quality assurance that comes with this commitment to rear both animal and vegetable on hotel grounds and we’re about to see much more of it as the race towards quality and net zero continues.


Today’s luxury travellers are curious and in search of engaging experiences that will develop skills and knowledge. Workshops, activities and events on gardening and nature, craft and personal development are on the rise. A handful of brands already do this excellently. Birch offer a brilliant craft-led programme with workshops including pottery and baking, while The Newt offer their guests the opportunity to get involved in gardening, beekeeping and dry stone walling. Conversely, Soho House events feature a lot of career-centric talks, workshops and events. Pick activities that make sense to your brand, audience and property.


From a romantic train journey through the England to a grand tour of Italy, boutique package holidays are going to be the next big thing. Partner with on-brand hotels and create a thoughful itinerary as a modern package holiday for time-strapped travellers with taste. Look at Prior World and Belmond’s travel packages to see how this is beginning to play out, with lots more to come.


Creaky old sleeper trains are a thing of the past: romatic railway journeys are back and here to stay. Trains provide no-fly holidays with low carbon-emissions and hassle-free boarding. 5-star operators offer fine dining, novel accommodation, a big dose of nostalgia and a slower approach to continental travel. Belmond knew it was coming years ago when they acquired Orient Express, British Pulman et al, and now parties on trains in our own Roaring Twenties have arrived with gusto. But why does this matter to independent hoteliers? Look at The Newt’s Great Garden Escape: a day trip from London to Somerset by train. Tap into the package trend and wrap up a weekend stay by train from major cities. The opportunities are pretty endless!


Shoppable interiors have been around for a little while but as hoteliers diversify their income streams, the hotel-retail hybrid is on the rise. Expect to see more guest bedrooms and communal spaces doubling as showrooms for furniture, art and accessories.



Pop-up culture still pervades but continues to evolve: seasonal residencies, one-off supper clubs and exclusive private chefs in incredible locations will be the much hyped and sought-after reservations for 2023. Noma has a residency at Ace Hotel Kyoto next year. Closer to home, Masterchef: Professionals 2022 winner Nikita Pathakji has a residency at Hampton Manor. It’s a brilliant way for hoteliers to offer a new and exciting dining experience each year or season.


The ‘wandering hotel’ concept has been tested by a small handful of brands, whereby a trusted guest experience can be installed anywhere in the world: a yacht (Il Pellicano), festival, desert house (both Soho House), a ski chalet or even a camper van (both The Hoxton). Think of it as flat-packing your brand and building it in a destination that would suit your core customer base. More hoteliers will explore these temporary and unique branded experiences next year, I’m sure. Why not join them?

If you unsure how to roll any of this out, get in touch to discuss your own creative strategy for 2023.

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