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As international travel recovers, we must explore clever and thoughtful ways to appeal to the domestic market.

As international travel recovers, we must explore clever and thoughtful ways to appeal to the domestic market. Not as shouty marketeers, but as travellers ourselves. We are collectively rediscovering our own neighbourhoods, regions and countries. Let’s reeducate ourselves about, not what our singular business, but our what region can offer and share it. The generous act of sharing is more powerful than promotion.

Remind your neighbours about the attractions on their doorstep and entice weekenders across the country to experience your corner of the world using digital and print campaigns. Combine a suggested travel itinerary with local history, inspiring stories and compelling imagery to inspire and educate. It could be a road trip, cycling route or guide to a village, town or city. A route down the coast, the most beautiful park and best deli to buy a picnic, or a crawl of those places serving socially distant pints alfresco.

Hire local travel writers and photographers who will have
likely been hard-hit by the pandemic, and publish a guide in an inexpensive newspaper format. Create a new section on your website that acts as a portal to your neighbourhood. Commission an illustrator to create a bespoke map, or a full branded guide (we can help with this!).

Take to social media, and document your suggested routes, tagging local independent businesses along the way, and encourage people to join in and post their own photos, recommendations and tips.

All of this will not only support your local tourism economy, but also act as a post-pandemic concierge. Ensure you recommend the places that are providing a safe and responsible service and shout about the businesses that have best supported their staff through the pandemic. This will help guests feel more supported,protected and con dent to travel as they navigate an unfamiliarregion with your guiding hand, insight and reassurance.

Now is the moment to embrace the joy of discovery without the airmiles.

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