Ideas for Low Season

If you’re faced with quiet snaps during the week or low-season, there are a few things you can try with varying degrees of effort and investment.

Put on workshops, screenings, supper clubs and events to get both overnight guests and locals in while you’re quiet. For the local market, consider how you might fill a gap in the local market. A brilliant magazine kiosk, coffee cart, flower stand, plant nursery or pop-up record shop could all make wonderful additions to the local community.

Promote exclusive-use packages or incentivised  group bookings in a new, compelling way: a house party with a live band, an indulgent feast with friends, a private family reunion or a last minute wedding – your guests can become gracious hosts of your property for the night.

Turn your hotel into the perfect place to spend a winter holiday with cosy, intimate spaces. Make sure you have a well stocked library of books and board games, and get the lighting right. Commission photography in winter with inviting scenes in front of a roaring fire. Equally, if you have a Winter business, it’s all about destination marketing. Create itineraries with gorgeous photography and engage influencers to share the experience of a low-season stay.

Speaking of influencers, host them whenever you have empty rooms. Invite journalists when you have a new story angle to share, or welcome new or existing travel agent partners to discuss mid-week or low-season promotions and packages.

Look at membership model that will allow locals to use your lounge, bar or restaurant, or introduce a co-working space to keep common areas profitable when occupancy is low.

Try not to overthink when introducing new ideas and instead experiment with different initiatives, develop the things that work and move on quickly when something is ineffective. These are actually the broad strokes of Design Thinking: an experimental problem-solving approach that involves a cycle of brainstorming, prototyping and testing.

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